Qum carpets are among the finest in the world. Even if it doesn’t boast a long and ancient history, Qum, south of Tehran, creates exceptional works of art, frequently entirely in pure silk. The carpet industry of this city is incredibly modern, producing a quality that is extraordinary. Prices tend to be very high, reflecting superb quality of materials, design and execution. Sylesia and patterns vary tremendously, as this city usually recreates ancient historical models from many other noble sources. Most collectors look for scenes or other illustrations, not to mention the brilliant medallions and borders of unbelievable finesse.
History & Construction
The city of Qum is considered a sacred place between Iranians, in which many pilgrimages brand for inner peace with God. Its weaving industry, which began only in the twentieth century, has developed an unparalleled reputation for spectacular parties of hand-woven pure silk. Qum no single model to this city, so their carpets are produced in a variety of beautiful drawings and historical price demands in the higher range of weaving around the shutter. The medallions brilliantly detailed, all-over patterns of greater complexity and stunning illustrations and scenes look, attest to the art of the finest master-weavers of Iran. Some parts of fine wools are also done the. Although the signatures are found on the carpet for made elsewhere, the weavers of Qum that take huge pride in their product that weave their signatures almost always a small part of the edge of carpets. Many shapes and sizes are produced, including square, rectangular, oval or round and sizes can vary from a blanket to a very small rugs that would satisfy the great hall of a palace. The materials used may be wool, silk, or any combination thereof.





Visibility: QOM (QUM) rugs and carpets have an excellent visage. The majority are small ( Ghaliche), very fine, and beautiful, so many people hang them on the wall. The patterns are usually highly curvlinear (city style), but they sometimes depict landscape features or historical stories.

Quality: The quality of QOM (QUM) rugs and carpets varies. Newer ones are much better in quality and pattern. Most high quality QOM (QUM) rugs and carpets are made of pure silk with very high KPSI and are among the finest looking rugs in IRAN and the world.

Size & Shapes: The majority of QOM (QUM) rugs and carpets are small to mid-size (3 x 5 to 5 x 7 feet).

Color: QOM (QUM) rugs and carpets come in a variety of colors, but red, blue, and ivory are very common.

Texture: Soft silk; very thin pile; Kork wool.

Foundation: Warps is mostly cotton; wefts is either silk, cotton, or wool.

Knots: Weavers in QOM (QUM) use Persian knots. The quality of the carpet depends upon the number of knots, which varies, but averages from around 120 KPSI (30 RAJ) up to 842 KPSI (80 RAJ).