Visibility: QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) rugs and carpets usually have curvilinear patterns. I should also mention that you find some tribal patterns made in surrounding villages that are sold as QAZVIN (GHAZVIN). Today, QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) does not produce rugs. The last year of production was around 1930-1935. QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) rugs and carpets have visages similar to KASHAN and BIJAR.

Quality: The quality of QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) rugs and carpets varies. Older ones (before 1930) are very good, but some of the later ones have a lower number of Knots Per Square Inch (KPSI) and are not as good.

Size & Shapes: QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) rugs and carpets come in different sizes, but the majority of them are mid-size (4 x 6 to 8 x 10 feet).

Color: Dark red and powerful blue colors predominate, with ivory forming a beautiful contrast.

Texture: Soft wool; thin, tight pile.

Foundation: Warps is mostly cotton; wefts is either cotton or wool.

Knots: Inspection of the back of the carpet is important because the weavers in QAZVIN (GHAZVIN) use both Persian and Turkish knots. The quality of the carpet depends on the numbers of knots, which varies, but usually averages around 220 KPSI(40 RAJ).