Visibility: SOUMAK is a comparatively rare type of KELIM (Kilim), deriving its name from the old town of SHEMAKJA (Republic of Azerbaijan). SOUMAK is NOT a KELIM. However, both have flat-woven style. SOUMAK has embroidered and its embroidery threads are not cut off at the back. SOUMAK has a shaggy, erratic collection of loose ends or strands of wool. The wefts strands (serving a decorative role rather than the structural role of knotted carpets) are threaded through a number of warp strands and then looped back. All SOUMAK have geometric pattern with many tribal motifs all around. Usually the motifs are small birds. SOUMAK's are excellent with contemporary, traditional and modern decors.

Quality: The quality of SOUMAK is excellent. SOUMAK is better known in western countries than IRAN. SOUMAKs are proper choice for high traffic area. The ones have silk are excellent choice as decorative rug.

Size & Shapes: The SOUMAKs have different size and majority of them are small size (2x3 feet) and mid size (4x6 feet). It is hard to find SOUMAK in large size (8x10 feet).

Color: LDark red, pink, khaki, soft green, blue, dark green, light blue, ivory, brown, rust, and orange are the majority color texture.

Texture: Soft wool, thin and in the case of silk ones have extremely smooth and shiny texture.

Foundation: Warps are mostly wool or silk, wefts either cotton,wool or silk. The ends of the fibers are usually left loosely on the back.

Knots: SOUMAK dose NOT have any knots like other rugs and carpets. SOUMAK are flat-woven.